Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friends Forever

In Friends Forever by Danielle Steel, she told us a beautiful story about five friends they've known each other since kindergarten. From elementary school to their adult lives, this was a story to read with your friends and with a tissue. For Gabby, Izzie, Sean, Andy and Billy, they've been through it all in their coming-to-age saga about growing up and following their dreams. Divorce, remarriage, substance abuse and peer pressure, love, life, death, and friendship, especially when tragedy struck this fivesome throughout their lives. Throughout the years, they've endured it all and overcame it, until a bittersweet shocking conclusion. This was one of the finest contemporaries romance by her to cherish forever.

This was a heart-breaking romance that tugged my heart. We follow five friends from kindergarten to college and see things from their POV. I cried throughout the entire contemporary romance. There were so many heart-breaking scenes that dealt with loss of life and new birth and love. This gave me a big load of heartache and sighs to follow after it.  This moved me to tears and beyond that.

Ready to follow their journey? Grab a hankie and enjoy this one today!

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