Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sick of Shadows

In Sharyn MCCrumb's mystery debut, Sick of Shadows, she told the story with an intricate suspense in a most complicated mystery down in the South. When Elizabeth McPherson arrived for her cousin Eileen's wedding, everything's not what it seemed to be. Her family didn't like her fiancĂ©; and she's been acting strange. Everything somehow  became connected to her painting, when she disappeared and later found out dead. It was up to Elizabeth and the police to find it out, when someone in her family wanted her dead, as it swarmed with family secrets like an angry bee hive. And in the end, there was a shocking twist of whodunit and how it was done and why. What a shocking twisted mystery.

This was a great example of a Southern mystery. I loved the location of South Carolina to set the setting for this series. I thought the main lead character of Elizabeth MacPherson was a good choice for this mystery series. I did feel bad for her, when her cousin died. There was a lot of characters I didn't care for--her fiancé, Elizabeth's cousins, especially Basil. Her parents were unusual at the latest. But I did care for her, when Liz got closer and closer to the truth and the painting she depicted. Great built up of drama and intense suspense.

Ready to spot your shadow? Check this out today!

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