Friday, May 27, 2011

Full Moon Rising

In Keri Arthur's Full Moon Rising, the first book in the Riley Jensen paranormal romance series, we meet Riley Jensen who was part-werewolf, part-vampire, and was on the hunt for her brother, Rhoan. Not only that, it was full moon fever, when it was time for breeding and mating between species. Riley's temperature rose for Misha and Talon, two wolves, who made her heated. But it got complicated, when Quinn, a vampire, who puts Riley on fire. Not only that, she learned someone placed a hit on her, and wanted her pregnant.  That made her bad, when her boss wanted her to work for the Directorate, during this breeding season, and part of her vampire bloodline ached for bloodlust. Also while she dealt with a spy at the workplace, she learned about a secret lab for cloning mixed-breeds and who was responsible for it. And when she  found out who was responsible, it was more than her blood boiling. She would have to use a lot of sex to get the answers she wanted. This was a yummy paranormal romance series.

This was a spectacular paranormal romance debut. It had everything you would expect in a typical series. I loved the introduction to Riley and her mixed-breed bloodline of vamp and werewolf. I loved how it started with tons of wrapped up drama and suspense. You have got to lose the Australia location to make it very visual to place you there. I found the concept how it was enriched with tons of drama about the lab and how she became a Directoriate Guardian as well. I found Quinn an unique love interest as well. This also had a hint of eroticism to spice up the romance too. Great drama, profound action and suspense and tons of romance to heat up a cold day.

Ready to watch the full moon rise? Go on and snatch a copy today!

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