Monday, May 30, 2011

Tombs of Endearment

If you love cozies with a twist, you'll love the third installment in the Pepper Martin paranormal cozy series, Tombs of Endearment. Right after Pepper solved her second ghost's murder, she was due for a rest that winter in Cleveland. But she ended up with unrest, when dreamy Damon Curtis's ghost approached her. He was the lead singer of a band in the 60s, who was murdered. So it was up to Pepper to find out who wanted him dead, including his agent and former band members, and a crazy groupie named Belinda. Not only that, Pepper had feelings for this ghost, along with mixed emotions for Dan and Quinn in her own complicated love triangle. Even her ex-fiancé Joel paid her a visit, when he wanted something from her. When Pepper got closer to the truth, someone went after her and wanted their secret quiet and unexposed. But it might be too close for comfort, when Pepper found out who wanted her dead. What a great cozy.

Once again, I love the soft spectral cozy with a featured ghostly spirit from a certain time spirit. That does give this a twist--along with the entire cozy series in general. I still enjoy Pepper's hunt for justice for this ghost to cross over. Once again, I do enjoy the love triangle of Pepper, Quinn and Dan. But I don't like Dan so much any more. I do like the scenes in the cemetery and the offices as well. These type of paranormal cozies won't give you nightmares with a scare.

Ready to go ghost hunting? Check out this cozy this week!

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