Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty HItter

If you love great mysteries with a twist, you'll enjoy the Frank Pavlicek mystery series. Frank is on the case of a missing cat, when their client believes someone put a hit on the cat to kill them.  He's a falconer and a private investigator. So he brings his daughter, Nicole, who's also a PI too. And things gets heated up, when they believe it has to do the owner of Grayland Towers. Things gets messy at a hearing, and when bullets sent flying at them. Nonetheless, they talk to everyone, when they discover the hidden secret of a sex slave ring of Arabic girls, and Nicole gets kidnapped. Frank does everything to save his daughter and find out the truth to this situation.  A great new mystery series to enjoy!

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  1. I think I will have to check out the Frank Pavlicek mystery series! I have to admit it will be my first attempt with mystery novels. From what I heard so far, it is something I could enjoy. Thanks girl!


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