Friday, May 27, 2011


If you love an easy read and paranormal romances, you'll love Marked by PC and Kristen Cast. Zoey Montgomery aka Zoey Redbird's life is about to change. When she's been marked by someone, things aren't easy. Her mom and step-father think she's crazy and needs help. Her boyfriend, best friend and others, ostracize her. So she runs away to her grandma's place, hits her head, and hears Nyx and the Indian spirits. When she recovers at the House of Night, she learns how to blend in with other vampire fledgings with their classes and other classmates. But with Aphrodite's bullying and creepy night-time rituals, things aren't easy for her. When she lives in the night, she's welcomed by a close circle of friends and how to belong, finds new love, and learns about the Change. When she says goodbye to her former life, she's learns about her "Mark", and how her mentor Neferet picked her to be special. But defending bullies is just the start of her new life...

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