Sunday, July 17, 2016

Killer Cocktail

In Tracy Kiely's Killer Cocktail, the 2nd installment in the Nicole and Nigel Martini cozy mystery series, you'll get a taste of Hollywood behind the scenes. If you loved JA Konrath's Jack Daniels mystery series, you'll love this one, too. For Nicole and Nigel Martini, they've been invited to a Hollywood party for the Oscars and get to mingle with the stars. They just renovated and brought the home from Frank Sameuls, a top-notch Hollywood producer, and discovered old film footage from one of the fallen rising stars, Melanie Summers. She was the top of the game, until she "overdosed" and died, twenty years ago. Now it was up to Nic and Nigel to watch their videos and learn more about her back then. But when word came around about it, someone attacked their employee and almost left her for dead. When they discovered the truth and had it figured it out, when tragedy had struck with a homicide now, their lives became in peril when they couldn't have guessed who done it and why in the end.

This was a charming introduction to the Martinis to this mystery series. I really cared for Nic and Nigel--and yes their dog Skippy too--when they stepped onto the red carpet. I also had some callous feelings to some of the character and found Christina and Mandy a hoot. I loved the Hollywood red carpet for the settings and the locations, when they go about on solving an old case. This is a quick read with plenty of surprises on every page with drama, intrigue, non-stop action, a hint of humor, and plenty of mystery along the way.

Will you be tempting to try a killer cocktail today?

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