Thursday, July 14, 2016

Destroyer Angel

In Nevada Barr's Destroyer Angel, the 18th installment in the Anna Pigeon mystery series, she delivered us a bone-chilling mystery about survival and encountering tough odds. When Anna went on vacation with her friend, Heath, and her daughter Elizabeth, and their friends Leah and Katie Hendricks. It all started out with a peaceful camping trip along the river in Minnesota. But that's when it turned cold, when four ex-cons surprise them and made them hostage. It was up to Anna to come to their rescue, when her friends had to endure torture and violent abuse, along with their dog Wily from the evil hands of them. When Anna later caught up with them, she helped take care of them, one by one. Later, when she was shot in the arm, she observed everything they went through from them, while they waited for rescue and medical care. The real motive in the end was icy cold and chilling too.

This Anna Pigeon mystery was fantastic! I really cared for Anna and her friends and how they survived and dealt with such heinous things on their trip. I loved the camping theme in Minnesota and the clever usage of poisonous mushrooms as a secret weapon to fight the bad guys. I loved the diversity with Heath as a paraplegic and how she used her strength and wills. I didn't like the bad foursome at all and what they did to Wily and to Katie and Elizabeth. This is really gripping to reel you in with non-stop action, drama, suspense and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be tempting to read Destroyer Angel today?

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