Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Antiques to Die For

In Jane Cleland's Antiques to Die For,  the third book in the Josie Prescott series, this was set in the winter, when Josie's boyfriend Ty was offered a new job in D.C. Not only that, her close friend, Rosalie, was murdered, leaving Rosalie's sister an orphan. It was now up to Josie to find out who killed her, when it really did hit close to home, and to find out about a Whistler pallette fraud from a customer. When Josie had gotten closer to the truth, she was being targeted by a "secret admirer", who wanted to scare her away. This is a great read for sure. 

This was another terrific Josie Prescott cozy. I really cared about Josie and Ty, when they had dealt with Ty's new job promotion. I wondered if they would pull off a long-distance relationship that way. This one was intriguing and gripping as well from start to finish. I loved the winter scene for the setting and the New England area for the location of the series. Great drama, good non-stop action, and plenty of shocking surprises right to the end.

Do you have any antiques to die for? If so, pick up a copy today!

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