Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coast Road

This was a beautiful contemporary romance that could fit into the woman's fiction and the romance niche about second chances for romance. In Coast Road, Jack McGill's ex-wife Rachel ended up in a coma from a car accident; he discovered what he lost with his daughters, what he had with Rachel, and how tropical Big Sur was in his life. He juggled new relationships, two daughters who were struggling and growing up, and the friendships Rachel made, since she moved. He also dealt with his law firm, too. Slowly, he realized he wanted it back, when she came out from the coma to start all over and never leave her side. Meanwhile, Katherine fell in love with one of Rachel's doctors, who've had two failed relationships, since she had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery.

This was a remarkable romance novel. This dealt with second chances. I did feel a mixed bag of emotions for jack to reconnect with his daughters, while he remained by Rachel's side and went down Memory Lane. I felt sadness and apprehension for his entire family.  When he learned about Rachel's life, we learned the same as well. I also loved how Katherine reached out to them as well. Big Sur was a big backdrop of the vast coastline of California. This would move you to tears and sigh with a heavy heart.

Ready to go for a drive? Jump aboard with a copy today!

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