Sunday, June 6, 2010


In Diana Palmer's Lawman, Grace Carver led a tragic life, with a nagging grandmother, and a dangerous past. She was poor and ordinary, and loved to live life to the fullest. Garon Grier was a FBI agent on a case on a serial child killer, who was also her neighbor and fellow ranch hand, who didn't believe in God, and was a widower. At the start, they become friendly, before he took her on dates and a whirlwind romance. She wanted marriage, while he wanted sex. When he needed to call it off, he treated her like garbage and scared her, when he was the only one she loved, and sought after a shelter life. In a small town of Jacobsville, TX, everyone protected her and treated Garon like crap, since they were polar opposites. When he came to apologize, weeks later, after he learned her shocking secret, he understood why she was afraid of men--a secret from her past. When she might be in danger, she agreed to come home under his protection and fainted. Then she learned she was pregnant, when it was deemed impossible, since her tragic past came into light. They married out of obligation, and because of the baby, which could be precarious to her health ailment. Months later, he found out, when she was endangered and needed medical help. In the end, they loved each other. What a great story!

This was a terrific contemporary romance from Diana Palmer. I cared about Grace and Garon, when they were two different people who needed each other. though they lived two different lifestyles. I loved the Texas location for the background settings of this beautiful romance. I didn't like how he once treated her and hated how she was mistreated by men in the past. This would move you to tears and make you cry throughout the novel. Great drama, excellent romance with tons of action and intrigue, and plenty of mystery to the end.

Will you be careful of the lawman? Stay safe with a copy today!

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