Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wired Kingdom

I've had the pleasure of receiving an ARC copy of my Twitter/Facebook friend, Rick Chesler, for his thriller to review, albeit almost a month late. Wired Kingdom starts out with a tagged whale, who's shown on a reality show named Wired Kingdom, which is for educational purposes, and also held contests for viewers who see it stream online the whale's latest move. When a murder is caught on tape by a vicious shark attack, everyone wants that tag. That's when they bring in, Agent Tara Shores from the FBI, who's in charge of the case to investigate the murder and meets with Trevor Lane, who's in charge of Wired Kingdom's website, and Dr. Anastasia Reed, a marine mammalogist, who leads her to the whale. Meanwhile Hector Gonzalez leads his Mexican divers to get the tag and hone in on some cash for his sick daughter, and Eric Stein, the leader of an eco-terrorist group called Ocean Liberation Front is on the race to stop the people from filming it on TV. Things gets heated up, when the whale is caught up on nets, while the race is on to save it, and things gets deadly. There's plenty of twists and turns, if you love a thriller on the ocean. It's a great read.

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