Wednesday, June 9, 2010

String of Lies

Last year, I've read the first book in the Craft Corner series, Wreath of Deception. Now I've finished book two in the series, String of Lies. Another good cozy with an intriguing mystery in winter. This takes a month after the first murder, when there's rumors of small businesses is being sold to a larger corporation called Holt Meadows. This makes Jo McCallister concerns for her own Craft Corner shop too of being sold. When she learns of her neighbor's shops being sold, and worried for her own, she went to the Holt Manor to talk to Parker Holt himself. And what turns up was his dead body. More than one person had a good reason to kill him, when there's a string of lies popping out of the woodwork to cover their asses. When Jo gets closer to the truth, she might be the next victim of the killer's. An enjoyable read with crafty beading tips.

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