Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shopaholic and Sister

In the 4th installment of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, Shopaholic and Sister, this one dealt with Becky and Luke's return from their almost year-long honeymoon, and things had changed. Her best friend found somebody new, her husband was acting strange and obsessed with work, and she found out she had a long-long older sister named Jessica. As Becky had gotten stuck in debt, she tried to bond with Jess, who could be stubborn as hell, when things blew up for her. She risked her life to try to mend fences, and ended up bonding. In the end, things turned up rosy for Becky, when things were going smooth as well. A delightful read.

This was another delightful chick lit novel in the Shopaholic series. I loved how everything came to a head, after they returned back to the United Kingdom. I continued to love Becky's love for shopping, but hated it when she continued to get back into the rut of being in debt. I loved the surprise of Becky's sister Jessica and on how they tried to bond together to work things out. The UK location was an ideal place.  Great witty humor, plenty of suspense and a hint of romance.

Ready for a shopping spree? Pick up a copy today!

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  1. I keep saying I want to start this series, so you don't really have to read them in order???


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