Monday, June 14, 2010

The Reeve's Tale

If you love historical fiction and mystery, then you'll love the Sister Frevisse series. Although this was the ninth installment out of seventeen books in the series, this was set in Medieval England, one of my favorite historical periods. In this book, the Reeve's Tale, Sister Frevisse helped the reeve, Simon Perryn, with some court cases, when there was an outbreak of the Measles. During this time, one man was found dead, and questions were asked about the guilty party. When another dead body turned up, secrets came out with sin, when it hit close to home with a surprise ending. Plenty of action, drama and lots of historical facts about Medieval England that set the scenes for a great wallop of a delightful read.

This was another fascinating historical mysteries. I loved how much researched was read for this time period. I loved the backdrop of Medieval England. The Measles outbreak gave it a big twist. Sister Frevisse was a woman on a mission as for the nun. I did like her teamwork with Simon to help him out in court. This series had a good combination of historical fiction and mystery to set the others apart. Great drama, lots of intense action, and a great mystery in the olden times.

Ready to go back in time? Give this one a try today!

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