Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End in Tears

Ruth Rendell's 20th installment of the Wexford series is  End in Tears, another powerful Wexford mystery set in England. It started off with a murder of a teenage girl, and what kind of life she led before her death, and then another teen turned up missing, when she succumbed to the same fate. There was a connection between the two girls, when the links fell into place, and a shocking twist right into the end you wouldn't believe. Plus, there was a possible blooming romance between two of Wexford's colleagues, and Wexford's daughter Sylvia's surprising third pregnancy. A good novel all the way around.

This was an heart-wrenching and emotional classic British mystery from Ruth Rendell.  I loved the working relationship of Wexford and his fellow colleagues. They defined teamwork and then some. The British scenery is compelling and intriguing to say so for this tearful mystery. I felt sorry for both the victims family. This had gripped me with the first page and kept me reading all day and all night to the end. The shocking ending would blow you away.

Ready for a hard case? Grab a copy for this weekend!

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