Saturday, May 29, 2010


In Lisa Gardner's Alone,  the first installment in the DD Warren thriller series, she introduced us to a brand new series with Detective D.D. Warren. It started out with a sniper shot, when Bobby Dodge heard a cry for help and shot her husband. It escalated from there, when Catherine Gagnon became suspicious of setting things up, when her in-laws were out to get her and wanted custody of her sick son. They kept this as a secret, and people closed to her were killed by her past. When things collided, it was up to Dodge to believe her, before she had gotten away with murder and ended up alone in the dark.

For this new series, it was crammed with suspense and lots of chills from start to finish. I cared about Bobby and DD and how they first came to the scene. I became curious and suspicious on Catherine and her family throughout this thriller novel.  I loved the Boston location for the intense settings for the scenes in this novel. This would suck you in and take you for a wild ride itself with action-packed page-turning scenes, tons of drama, suspense and intrigue. 

Don't be alone? Turn on the lights with a copy today!

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