Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blood Trail

In CJ Box's Blood Trail, the 8th installment in the Joe Pickett thriller series, this was a great action-packed thriller at the edge of your seat. For Joe Pickett, a garden warden in Saddlestring Wyoming, he was after a killer who targeted hunters during elk season. As they investigated the dark heart of the matter, he dealt with his boss, family issues and the law, when he went beyond law enforcement to find out who was the killer. Later on, it was up to him and to other game wardens, when he discovered who it was and declared open season on hunting hunters with a shocking twist. As for why for the murders, it had hit close to home for Joe and his family.

 This thriller will excite you and compel you to read in every turning page. This had excellent scenic scenery for the locations and the vast settings in the Wyoming mountain range area. I cared about Joe and his family, when he had to go beyond the law to find answers to risk everything. He meant serious business, when it comes to his family and to his job, too. This would make you question everything and everyone with non-stop action, intrigue, suspense and a long range of drama.

Will you follow the blood trail? If so, move faster to grab a copy today!

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