Monday, May 17, 2010

Return to Sender

In Fern Michaels's Return to Sender, it was a sweet romance with a hint of a twist. Rosalind "Lin" Townsend was thrown out at age 17 by her Bible-thumping father, when she was pregnant with her son Will. Years later, her son was grown up and was going to college in New York City, when she kept all of the letters from the baby's father, from who she met once in a week at a party, which were all sent back with the stamp of "return to sender". She and her best friend Sally, teamed up with her private investigator to build a case to find him in NYC. Nick Pemberton never knew what was coming, when he dealt with leukemia, and a manipulative lying wife named Chelsea. Little did he know, he fathered Rosalind's child, 19 years ago. Evan Reeves, his oncologist, met and fells in love with Lin, when she decided to let her son know the truth and meet his father as she gets a happy ending.

This was a beautiful love story about an awkward love triangle. I cared about Rosalind and Will, when her father threw her out, and had to raise him on his own. I also cared about Evan and Nick, too. I loved the NYC location for the central settings in this heart-warming romance. I didn't like Chelsea. This pulled at my heart strings and made me cry and sigh a few times. Great drama, good romance with a hint of intrigue and plenty of action, too.

Will you discover why it was sent back with return to sender? If so, check it out today!

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