Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Away is Deadly

In Sara Rosett's Getting Away is Deadly, the third book in the Mom Zone series, Ellie Avery and her husband Mitch were in D.C., not really on vacation, but it was part of his training class.  Newly pregnant Ellie joined the crowd of tourists and visited monuments and museums with other Air Force wives and her her best friend Abby. During their stay in D.C., they witnessed someone being pushed off the platform, when someone framed Ellie's sister-in-law Summer. It was now  up to Ellie and her friends to find out what happened and what was really going on, before they were being reassigned to a new base. An enjoyable read.

This was another great enjoyable cozy to read. I continued to care about Ellie and her friend, when they moved to a new Air Force Base. I also cared about her sister-in-law Summer, too. I loved the location of Washington D.C. for the central setting for this storyline. I hated for that certain person to frame Summer for a crime she didn't commit. This would make you head spin a tiny bit. I also loved the organizational tips for packing and moving.  Great drama, excellent suspense and non-stop action, and a gripping mystery from start to finish.

Check out this great cozy today!

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