Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ceremony in Death

In JD Robb's Ceremony in Death, the 5th book in the In Death series, this one dealt with the death of a cop, who might've been on the take. As Eve Dallas and Roarke discovered new secrets, they entered the worlds of Satanism and Wiccan witches, who delved into the opposite polar sides of witchcraft. And before they knew it, more deaths escalated from there, more bloodshed, before it turned out to be Eve's turn next, with a shocking twist. An enjoyable read.

This was another twisted futuristic psychological thriller. To view what our life might be beyond 2020, this gave us an insight look to how advanced technology, transportation, and other things might be.  I loved the vision of a future New York would look for the law enforcement and other governments. I liked how Roarke and Eve worked together to solve a dark murder. To dabble in the world of black and white magic gave this an interesting and wicked twist to boot. Great drama, intense action and suspense, and heated chemistry between Roarke and Eve.

Want to attend the ceremony? Give this book a try today!

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