Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fantasy Lover

 In  Sherilyn Kenyon's Fantasy Lover, the first book in the Dark Hunter World series,  Dr. Grace Alexander was a sex therapist and who had rotten luck in relationships. Julian of Macedon, a former Greek general, was a cursed love-slave, who was summoned to her, with help from her friend Selena, who taught her how to pleasure herself with passion, before he was under restraint from wanting to make love to her from the doomed curse. With obstacles from the past from his Greek Gods, and in the current time, they learned to fall in love, when true love could break any curse, immortal and mortal.

This paranormal romance had a hint of eroticism that would burn your cold days up. You can't beat the heated chemistry between Grace and Julian.  I loved how Selena helped Grace up with a taste of her own therapeutic medicine. I did feel bad for Grace, who had no luck on finding love, while I felt the same for Julian who was stuck in the rut as well. I loved the scenic backdrop of Macedon and in present day America. These pages will burn you up and cool you down for its steaminess.

Ready to get warmed up? Grab a hold of this one today!

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