Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Evil

In Greg Iles's True Evil, he delivered us another compelling thriller from him. Set in Mississippi,  before FBI Agent Alex Morse's sister Grace died from a strange stroke, she informed Alex that her husband was responsible for it, and set off a chain reaction of events. After she informed Dr. Chris Shepard that his wife was cheating on him and wanted him dead, he didn't believe her... until later. That's until there was proof of her affair and her connection to her divorce lawyer and his accomplice, who killed people with cancer. When Chris was injected with it, he believed how his wife could be cruel. It was now up to Alex and Chris to stop them before it was too late for them. What an action packed thrill ride!

This was another compelling thriller from the master of suspense himself. I loved the Mississippi settings for the location of this novel. I cared about Chris and Alex and how it brought them together to face an unknown and unlikely evil like no other. This had sent chills down my spine and left me cold in the end, shaking my head. Great drama, good action, suspense, intrigue and mystery!

Will you encounter true evil today? If not, give this book a read today!

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