Friday, August 13, 2010

Act of Treason

If you love a great political thriller, you'll enjoy this Mitch Rapp novel. This is the 9th one in the series. Act of Treason dealt with the explosion of a president-elect's brigade, which killed eighteen people. It was up to Mitch and the CIA to find out who was responsible for the hit. In the USA and overseas, Mitch discovered it was most than terrorism. It boiled down to a cover-up from someone close to home, who became a traitor to the country. A great quick read for an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

This one had a lot of intense action in this political thriller. I loved the fact, that this had a political angle as well that went straight to the White House. I loved how Mitch Rapp was there in the scene. I liked the Washington D.C.-Arlington backdrop as well. This was most definitely be a nail-biter and keep you second guessing. Great drama, non-stop action in every page, and plenty of tension to go high.

Ready to stop a traitor? Grab a copy this weekend! 

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