Friday, December 10, 2010

Shelter Mountain

If you loved Virgin River, you would love Robyn Carr's Shelter Mountain. In the second installment of the Virgin River series,  This one was another great romance series with dealt with friendship, family, and a great community of neighbors, who looked after one other. For this one, John "Preacher" Middleton wasn't looking for romance, when Paige Lassiter had entered Virgin River, escaping abuse from her husband, and newly pregnant with her second child. From there, they built trust and friendship as they helped her with the divorce and settling in, while they helped take care of each other, including her son Chris. Plus it focused on Brie, Jack's sister, and Mike, Jack's friend, were the main focus in book #3, as in the young couple of Liz and Rick, and Mel's pregnancy with Jack. It had a good flow for the storyline that was enjoying to go back for reading fun.

I continued to love this series and the characters too. This one was moving and touching to my heart. I loved how they pitched in to protect Paige and her family from her abusive husband. I loved how John and the others supported their new found relationship. I loved how we continue to follow in Jack and Mel's relationship and shone the spotlight to others for the future installment in the series. I just want to find my own Virgin River to join that tight community. Lots of romance and plenty of drama to warm your heart after you read it.

Ready to find your own escape? Join hands by buying this romance!

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