Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Probable Claws

In Clea Simon's Probable Claws, the 4th installment in the Theda Krakow feline cozy series, you will fall in love with Theda.  When Theda learned that someone poisoned kittens with bad cat food, she investigated the issue to find out what really went on. When she talked to Dr. Rachel, someone attacked her and then killed Rachel, while they framed her for the murder. While she ws on bail, she tried to put the pieces together in Rachel's life, while she savaged her relationship with Bill as someone sabotaged her journalism career as well. In the end, she discovered the truth with a shocking ending.

This was an enjoyable cozy to read that featured cats. I do care for Theda, while someone set her up for being the fall guy--or shall we say, fall gal. I do love the feline aspect of it, too, when it had put the heart of the matter of animal abuse of the worst and cruel kind. I do love the Boston location with depicted and lovely scenic location and settings. This would make you root for Theda with great drama, non-stop action, some mystery with a hint of intrigue along the way.

Will you have probable claws to pick up this cozy? Check it out today!

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