Thursday, December 9, 2010

Malicious Intent

If you love forensic thrillers, you'll love this one from debut Australian author, Kathryn Fox. Dr. Anya Creichton is a forensic pathologist, who gets embroiled into a mystery, when someone asked her to look into the death of one girl. Later on, the conspiracy broils, when more links shows up in past and present cases--the same link of a mysterious fiber in their bodies and a trace of herpes. While she finds the connection, she's also dealing with custody battles with her ex on her son, and the haunting memories of her missing sister, Miriam, from years ago. It's up to Anya, and her best friend, Detective Kate Farrer, to connect the dots, when they later discuss the truth and the culprit was someone they knew close by. What a great new read!

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