Saturday, December 25, 2010

When We Meet Again

If you love great historical romances with a hint of mystery, you'll enjoy When We Meet Again by Victoria Alexander, the 10th book in the Effington Family series. Four years ago, Pamela Effington seduced a prince for one night in Venice--a night they wouldn't forget. Later, they meet again, when Prince Alexi Pruzinsky from Avalonia resided in Pamela's home she had inherited, and thrown in a faux engagement, to save her ruined reputation. Alexi had his own troubles, when he was exiled from his country and pretty much ran out of funds. As they charaded, they fell in love and battled demons and foes who stood in the way, when they realized they were meant to be together.

 I really enjoyed how Pamela and Prince Alexi were reunited after a chance encounter. Both Pamela and Alexi overcame many obstacles from the past and to now to find their way back to each other again. The opening pages had me at hello and gripped me into a fascinating ride about when they first met and their backstory of how they came together. I practically cried tears of joy and happiness throughout this beautiful and harming story. With a touch of mystic intrigue on how Pamela became royalty made it even more enchanted as as timeless classic with a dash of humor. Overall, it was a great novel!

Click here, if you're intrigued in timeless historical romances!

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