Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Templar Brotherhood

In James Becker's The Templar Brotherhood, the third installment in the Lost Treasure of the Templars thriller series, this would take you on a wild ride from start to finish. For British couple David Mallory and Robin Jessop, they travel across the country to find the deepest and darkest secrets of the Knights Templar. Robin, an antiquarian, and David, a historian, match wits and discover hidden truths. It all started with a secret passport from one of the former Knights that was remained a treasure chest. From there, they had to decode the mystery and go on a scavenger kind of some kind to find some clues. Hot on their heels is the Domicians who want to stop them and kill them dead for a priceless momento for their benefactor. They also hire Gary Marsh to spy on them, who later switched sides to give them the heads-up on their enemies. As they piece together the puzzles of this historical enigma, they unearthed the story behind the head on the painting and the religious overtones that lead to Jesus. Right between them, it's a battle of wits and brawns to get to the dark tunnels and dig up the greatest treasure trove of them all, even if it's a matter of life and death in the end.

This is a great action-adventure thriller to read. I did care for Robin and how passionate she is for the love of antiquities. I do think that's Mallory is a bit pompous and winded, since he talked a lot through the novel in a matter-of-fact way. That's a bit off-putting to me. I did like the concept of lost treasure, hidden codes, and a scavenger hunt across the country. The imagery was stunning from England to Italy on this wild good chase.  But this is fast-paced and exhilerating to take you on a journey that would make you tilt your head to your side, raise brows, gasp, groan and sigh. It has non-stop action, plenty of adventure, intrigue and a lot of drama.

Will you be curious to know more about the Templar Brotherhood?


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