Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Cutthroat Business

In this brand new series by Bente Gallagher, we enter the world of real estate. Savannah Martin, a newbie realtor in Tennessee, is our narrator. We learn how she's treated by experienced co-workers in the realty business. But nothing crushes her spirit. She doesn't give up. I'm so proud of her. We follow her to her first home showing.  I've cheered for her, when we see how she struggled in the business, and how  she turned her life around with incentives. In A Cutthroat Business, we discover how caught up she is, in a semi-love triangle, and the temptation there. We witness the chemistry and the forbidden attraction. Also, she's real loved by a real close knit southern family in Tennessee, when we meet her family, and how she rebounded from a bad divorce. I'm proud of her for taking the right step into the dating world agian. There's a bit of good humor and nice Southern locales into this piece. It's a sweet cozy.

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