Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Spider's Web

In Margaret Coel's Wind River Reservation mystery series, all of her novels have a twist and something different--it deals with Native American cultures and customs. That's what makes it unique. In this story, we're into a tangled web of deception and heartbreak. We learn how the Native Americans feels about the white people, even now to this day, and how they live in the reservation to this day. I loved the setting of Wyoming and the Wind River Reservation itself. Very intricate in nature. We're really get caught up into Vicky Holden's life, when she takes on a new client, and learns about her hardened life. We learn about the family and her co-workers, who have their own dramas. I felt shock and awe and assorted sets of emotions, when she's stuck on this case, which has a twisted ending. Good drama, excellent suspense.

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