Friday, June 15, 2012

Bourne Betrayal

If you love non-stop action thrillers, you'll enjoy this action-adventure thriller. With non-stop action, this novel takes you all over the world from Washington D.C. to Africa to Eastern Asia. I remember seeing the first Bourne movies years ago and on TV--now this propels us to post-9/11 world with terrorists and intricate plotlines. I've been wrapped up into a fast paced world. We can see Bourne struggle with his memory and how he copes with his loss. My heart sank with him. But we see him never give up and team up to fight the bad guys in various ways. Even injured, he's relentless. With the fourth Bourne thriller hitting the movies this summer, this one takes off where that left over. Breathless, heart racing a storm, this sent chills down the spine. I kept rooting for Bourne all the way to the end.

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