Friday, June 29, 2012

High Heels Are Murder

If you love good cozies, you'll enjoy High Heels Are Murder, the second installment in the Josie Marcus series. Josie Marcus, a single mom, was a mystery shopper to make ends meet. We really do feel for her and her situation, especially with her pesky neighbors from hell. But this one, she witnessed a possible match--or mismatch--with her boyfriend Josh. I do feel for her some more, when her heart was broken as she discovered how he lied to her. We saw how devoted to her mom and how close she cherished her relationship with her best friend Alyce, and she loved her daughter Amelia and protected her from harm, as she grew up. She did get into danger, when she learned of a murder and found out who wanted to do her boss in with his sick foot fetish. It did go over her head and was in too deep of trouble, when she discovered who it was with a shocking twist. Lots of drama with twisted and turned and shocking revelations.

I love the Mystery Shopper series. Josie and Alyce are a hoot for two best friends. I loved how Josie cared for her mother and daughter. I loved the backdrop of St. Louis and the targeted malls, shops and boutiques. I didn't care for much for Mel, who was a pervert. But Josh seemed like a good match for her and a caring person as well. Her daughter was adorably cute as her mother was a gem to help her out in a pinch.

Ready to put on your walking shoes? Give them one a try!

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