Sunday, July 1, 2012

Slave to Sensation

Wow! This is a brand new series in paranormal romance. We're talking exotic and erotic between changelings, half-human, half-animal creatures, and the Psy, Psychic humans. Never have been them a well-packed combination of Sascha Duncan, a Psy, and Lucas Hunter, a changeling of a leopard. This gives it a twist to other PNR novels like it. Red hot, steamy, and totally set your hearts on fire. For them, they would discover what's it like to feel and to beloved, to belong and sacrifice for life. We can see how Sascha struggles with her being a different kind of Psy, and what it must take for her to break those bonds and be with her mate. For Lucas, he has a haunting past of hurt and loss, and protects his Pack and the one he loves. Danger does brew, but in the end, they're together. Turn up the heat on the ACs!

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