Monday, July 30, 2012

Silent Mercy

In Linda Fairstein's Silent Mercy, the 13th installment of the Alexandra Cooper series, Linda Fairstein took us on a wild thrill ride on her latest case yet. For Alex Cooper, she was called to go to the Harlem Baptist Church to find a decapitated body there. And then there was another one like it in Little Italy. Besides the Star of David necklace imprinted in their flesh, that's when they discovered a serial hate crime motive behind it and nothing religious to link the two. It was up for Alex and her team to stop the killer, before there was another woman who was bound to die, as they dove through the serpentine path in the city's religious history to find a connection between the past and present. When it all added up, it might lead them to serious danger.

We were so deeply involved into this one, when it dealt with religious beliefs. We rooted for Alex to find out a connection between old and new murders from this serial killer, which took us all over to New York. There were plenty of surprises in this one, that would leave you breathless on every twist and turn she had in store for you, the fellow reader. I love Alex's closeness to Chapman and Mercer and her fellow colleagues, even a bitter rival with Pat McKinney, and how intact she was to her French chef. From the court room to the scene of the crime, this one was packed with drama, action, suspense and a lot of mystery in one package.

Will you be fallen to a silent mercy? If so, check it out now!

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