Monday, July 23, 2012

Ties that Bind

In Phillip Margolin's Ties that Bind, the 3rd book in the Amanda Jaffe legal thriller series, it packed a big punch of surprises on both sides of the spectrum. Murder, intrigue, politics, it was all in there. Amanda Jaffe survived the Cardoni attack, a while back, while it left her traumatized and avoiding the limelight. That was until she took on the case on Jon Dupre, who ran an upscale call girl service, and was accused of murdering the US senator. But he had proof of the existence of a secret society of men in politics who were bonded as brothers with a political right of passage. But that's when she was pressured to walk away from the case, she didn't want to give in to threats to investigate the issue more, while she put her loved ones in danger to find out the truth.

This was a terrific legal thriller. I really had gotten invested into Amanda Jaffe's world and life, one year after she survived the Cardoni attack. Here, when she tackled a new client, we saw her deal with a boatload of emotions and fought fear with a vengeance. I loved the Portland locations in this novel. I cared about Amanda and maybe Dupre a bit, while I didn't like that secret male society of powerful politicians. With an eclectic cast of characters, this one made you root for the underdog and for Amanda Jaffe. It remained hard to separate who the good guys were from the bad. But this is one powerful thriller that you'll enjoy to read.

Will you find out about the ties that bind? Check it out today!


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