Thursday, July 19, 2012

Liver Let Die

If you enjoy culinary cozies, you'll enjoy Liz Lipperman's Liver Let Die, the first installment in the Clueless Cook culinary cozy series. She introduced us to Jordan McAllister, a journalist in a small-town in Texas. In an instant,  we welcomed Jordan into our world, when she struggled to make ends meet as a journalism for a small newspaper, and how she glowed into the limelight, when this new assignment of hers was a hit.. with yummy recipes for you to make.  She filled in for the culinary reporter and went to the steakhouse with a murdered waiter outside her door, with her name and number. Now she became the prime suspect and needed to clear her name on who murdered the waiter, before she was next on the killer's list.  There was an instant connection for her and Alex, how close knit her friends were to her, and how she had gotten into a heap of trouble. There were some laughs in there with a hint of romance. This is a new cozy to enjoy for years to come. Jordan McAllister was someone to cheer for.

This was a great terrific culinary cozy debut from Liz Lipperman. I enjoyed getting to know Jordan and watch how the chemistry grew between her and Alex. I also cared about her newfound friends. Ranchero was an ideal location for a small town with idealistic scenic settings. This would make you take you for a ride of culinary delights and sink you teeth into a terrific book. Great drama, good action and intrigue with plenty of romance and humor to keep you reading to the end.

This spring, check this culinary cozy series out today!

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