Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scandalous Desires

If you love novels that take place on the sea, you'll enjoy this red hot novel that deals with pirates. In Elizabeth Hoyt's Scandalous Desires, the third installment in the Maiden Lane book series, we were introduced to Silence Hollingbrook, a young widow. When I've read this novel, I've became captured by her tale of loss, scandal and compassion for a young babe, one she had taken care of as her own. No doubt about it, her family took care of her and protected her well-being. Then, we met Mickey O'Connor, a river pirate, who had an agenda of his own. We saw how he took care of his crew and employees. We watched him in action and witnessed his secretive past unraveling like yarn. Whoever thought river pirates can be sexy? Little by little, we observed how sparks flew between Silence and Mickey. It's steamy. Talk about a scandal! But we witnessed how they encountered danger together to the bitter end. All aboard!

This was a steamy and sexy historical romance that was set on the ocean and featuring pirates. I cared about Silence, an intriguing name no less, and her adventures on the sea. I also cared about Mickey and his band of river pirates. I loved the location of England and on the river as well to add some adventurous spice to this novel. This would make you sway and swoon and sigh with relief in the end. Overall, great drama, plenty of intense action and lots of steamy romance and intrigue to hook you and reel you in like a barracuda.

Do you want some scandalous desires with river pirates? If so, come aboard with a copy today!

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