Friday, June 22, 2012

Murder of a Small Town Honey

If you love a great cozy, you'll love the Scumble River Mystery series by Denise Swanson. It's a charming cozy series with Skye Denison, the lead character, who gets caught up in an embroiled murder mystery. In the fictional town of Scumble River, everyone knows everybody in a small town. We see how close she is to her family and what happened to the past, ever since she left town. In a small town, anything can happen, when secrets rear their head. Skye is an ideal heroine for a small town as a school psychologist. And when her family's in the pickle, she's there to help them get out of the jam. We see how devoted she is to her occupation and how hard it was for her to come back home. There's also a romance blooming between Skye and Simon Reid. Anything's possible, even danger...

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