Thursday, July 31, 2014

Live Wire

In the tenth--and possible--final installment in the Myron Bolitar series,  Live Wire, he returned with his friends and sports agency on his final case. It all started with one little lie that escalated from downhill from there.  When pregnant tennis legend Suzze T. requested his help about a mysterious Facebook post. Myron took on his task and came across from danger. It lead him dealing with the mob, drug dealers, and possible connections to a rock band, including Suzze's husband Lex. He uncovered the backstory about a death at a concert years ago and a lead to his elusive sister-in-law Kitty with his long-lost nephew in tow. While he tried to settle family issues, he wanted to find out about what happened to his brother who haven't been seen since 15 years ago. He sorted through tons of lies to get to the heart of the truth, until it hit close to him and forced to dismantle his agency. Plenty of humorous quirks in Live Wire and continued with the Mickey Bolitar's spinoff series.

In this mystery,  we could see how Myron cared for his family. That showed a loving side of him and that he had a good heart. We also could see how he worried about Win's latest moves. Although there's some humorous bits and pieces in here, this one touched on life and death in a gentle way. There was a bit of a focus of sports and music in this one. I loved the island scenes with the intricate settings. Another great easy and quick read to enjoy!

Ready to go on a flight? Give this one a try!

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