Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special review from November 2008: Wolf to the Slaughter

In the third installment of the Wexford murder mystery, Wolf to the Slaughter, Wexford and Burden on another complicated murder case. When a secret hotel room becomes the perfect hot bed for three uninterrupted hours of making love, it ended up to be a murder scene for a man who was stabbed in his back. Blood marked the scene, but his body disappeared form the hotel room. They're later on the trail of a missing woman who was last seen in the same room and disappeared with a stash of cash. The reasons why would keep everyone guessing, including Wexford, right in the ending.

This was another great classic Wexford mystery. Wexford and Burden were a great team moving forward on a complex murder. This was a good example of a great whodunut in a locked-room situation. The blood was a bit hard to stomach, but the rest was excellent to follow along with. Any mystery would warm your blood on a cold fall or winter day with compelling page-turning action.

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