Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brownies and Betrayal

If you love culinary cozies, you're in for a delicious treat. In Brownies and Betrayal,  the first book in the Sweet Bites Mystery series, Tempest "Tess" Crawford was a former pastry chef from Chicago and starting her own business in her hometown of Silver Springs, Arizona. When she catered her brownies at a wedding party, she came across an arch rival and then found her dead body. While she tried to set up her own bakery shop, she became under suspicion for murder. It's up to Tess and her best friend, Honey, to find new clues on who wanted Valerie dead, and went behind the scenes. Trouble came her way with her scheming ex-fiancĂ© to win her back, a couple of attacks on her life, and a possible new love interest for Tess, before she opened her own shop and discovered whodunnit and why. This included yummy recipes to try at home.

This was a delightful new culinary cozy series to try and love. It carried the sweet down to earth for a  nice small town feel. I enjoyed Honey and Tess so much as best friends. I didn't like Tess's ex-fiance, but loved Sean more the same. I hated Anna, too. The delicious recipes in the end are a big bonus. This would make a delightful read in one entire setting or two.

Ready to dig in? Enjoy this cozy for yourself, when you get one today!

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