Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Safe Harbor

Hold onto your hats in this fast-paced thriller set in Canada. In Safe Harbor, the first book in the Pat Tierney Thriller series, Pat Tierney's world was turned upside-down, when Jude Seaton stepped inside her financial planning firm. From there, she went on an emotional roller-coaster ride. First, the bombshell about her late husband's affair and son, when Jude asked her for her help, imploring that the both of them were in danger. Later on, she turned up dead. It was up to Pat to find out the truth behind Jude's life, when she tried to control her family and steer them for the truth later on, and protect Tommy from evil harm. While she managed a couple of clients, she didn't know the danger that brewed at her own firm. Pretty soon, both world collide with the shocking truth about a secret off-shore account and the disturbing truth behind the black market human organ trafficking that happened in her own backyard.

I loved the Canadian location for the backdrop of this thriller series. This dealt with some intense and hard-core topics like black market organ donation and harvesting.  As for Pat,  I began to feel some real emotions for her to discover about Michael's affair and his young son Tommy. But she took on the responsibility to care for him for Jude and  find out about why she killed. Her daughters were charmed to find out about their step-brother and were pretty cool as well. Pat's boyfriend were okay to me. I didn't like the Russians, Artie, and Pat's boss as well, too. They rubbed me the wrong way.

Ready to hold onto your hats! Take a splash with this one today!

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