Monday, July 7, 2014

After the Ashes

After the Ashes took place after the American Civil War. This  wasn't a typical love story. But Cheryl Howe took us down south to where Lorelei Sullivan was worried about her waylaid baby brother Corey. He was a most wanted man for a train robbery. And when Chris Braddock came into the picture, he was a marshal after him and wasn't the type to settle down. But when they met, sparks do fly between them. There was a big conflict out there for a bag of gold and another wanted man. A lot of drama and heated romance between them, when it came to a life and death situation, they knew they belonged together in the end.

This was a most beautiful and tense historical romance I've read that took place post-Civil War. That's when both regions rebuild from the destruction and recover from the grave loss of loved ones who found in the war, too. I did feel a lot of heartache for Lorelei, when she lost her loved ones during the war, and became concerned on Corey, who became a thorn on her side. But for Chris Braddock, I was conflicted with a love/hate relationship with him. I loved Jay and his family, too, when they overcame obstacles like with Jay's own war injuries. But I was happy in the ending, when they sorted everything out. Gripped from the first page and hooked on since, you would feel real things for Lori and Chris, when they deal with their own war wounds of the heart.

Ready to go down south? Take a journey with this book today!

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