Friday, July 18, 2014

Special review from 9/2008: Findings

In the fourth installment of the Faye Longchamp series, Findings, it brought Faye and Joe into another compelling archeological mystery. When they were on another site to dig for clues, Faye's joy was short-lived, when there was a violent break-in her neighbor's house that left him dead. Later on, she discovered a clue to why he was dead. A mysterious emerald in the midst. Her friend's widow asked her to organize the relics on the floor. Her field notes wound up missing. It was now up to Faye and Joe to determine the connection between her friend's death and the story of the emerald. While they were closer to the truth, the chemistry between Faye and Joe were turning up the heat for them. Another good mystery to add to the series.

This archeological mystery was another clincher. I loved the concept of archeology and the artifacts from our past time. I loved the Floridian island connection to the deep south for the series. I liked how Faye went out to help a friend out in need with Joe. Between the two of them, they make an unbelievable couple despite their differences. I couldn't find anything to hate about this mystery. Good drama, nice active scenes and a little romance between Faye and Joe to turn things up in one great story.

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