Saturday, July 19, 2014

From Doon With Death

If you love classic and timeless British mysteries, you'll love the first one in the Wexford series by Ruth Rendell. In From Doon With Death, it was up to Inspector Wexford and Detective Burden to discover who killed Margaret Parsons. They dissected and examined every piece of her life that went back to her childhood. The closer they get to the truth, the more puzzling it appeared to them on who's lying and who told the truth. It all stemmed from that ancient book collection and the inscription. In this fast-paced British mystery, there were lots of twists and turns with a shocking conclusion in the end.

From the start, we do get a sense of how it all started for Wexford and Burden. I loved the backdrop of an English countryside to set this all up. I did feel bad for Parsons who lost his wife to a brutal murder. We do get a sense of how Wexford's mind worked on solving a most complex and disturbing case of  murder. I didn't like Fiona and Douglas for sure.  It gave me the creeps. Plenty of good suspenseful drama to the very end with a shocking twist.

Ready, set, go! Grab a copy today!

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