Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Midnight Marriage

Inspired by true events in history, Midnight Marriage was a beautiful tale of two people in the Georgia period in England. This is the second installment of the Roxton Family Saga Series. For Deborah Cavendish and Julian Hesham, they had an arranged marriage, when they were quite young at age 12 and 19. Years later, they met by a chance encounter and fall in love. But it wasn't quite easy for these two love birds, when Deb knows Julian and not as the Marquis of Alston, another side of him. For Deb, who helped raised her nephew and was a wild one to boot, she became embroiled in an awkward love triangle. Despite her brother's antics, Julian's half-brother was out for revenge and wanted Deb for his own. Between scandalous rumors, Deb learned about Julian's true identity and yearned for the man she fell in love with, while learning about his true background behind their secret marriage. 

Overall, I loved the inspired historical story to set up the storyline basis, though they were married too young for those standards. We do get to set how they lived their own separate lives, not knowing about the midnight marriage that took place. For Julian and the prince of Roxton, who were the one of the same persona, we saw the two sides of him. I loved how we witnessed how Deb took care of her nephew when her brother didn't care for him much. I didn't like her brother at all. This historical romance will melt your heart like butter and make you sigh and sway at the same time. This was a beautiful story about love, heartache and passion.

 Check out this emotional historical romance today!

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