Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Kill Clause

This was the series that started it all for Gregg Hurwitz. In the Kill Clause,  the first book in the Tim Rackley thriller series, we're introduced to Andrea and Timothy Rackley. They just had lost their little girl to a brutal murder. Both of them were U.S. Deputy Marshals, when this tragedy struck home. Their grief tore them apart and gave them a brief separation from the pain. When there was a travesty of injustice, due to a technicality, the killer had gotten out scot-free. And things had gotten interesting from there, when we watched Tim quit his job and later got mysteriously recruited by the Commission.  Or so it seemed, as they dispense justice to those who shouldn't walk the earth their way. Later on, when things went awry, things turned deadly and the truth Tim had been looking for wasn't too good, when there was a near fatal end game between those who've wronged him and how he paid the price for it. For Tim and Andrea, we saw how their sorrow drove them apart and brought them together, stronger than ever. What a rush for a thrill ride in this thriller.

This was a gripping thriller debut. I did real feel the same sorrow as the Rackleys did. I felt their grief, their anguish, and their heartache. I became intrigued about the Commission and had doubts about it as well. I hated to see Tim and Andrew grow apart and fight, and then later was pleased to see them back together.  I didn't like their own so-called vigilante-like justice. I liked the central location of Virginia for this series as well. This would grip you from the first page and reel you in like a big fin in the ocean.  You'll be hooked in no time. Great drama, intense action and plenty of intriguing thrills on every page turn in this book.

Watch out for the kill clause!  Pick up a copy today!

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