Monday, September 16, 2013

The Old Fox Deceiv'd

In this second installment of the Richard Jury series, The Old Fox Deceiv'd,  Richard Jury was back with Melrose Plant in the most perplexing case yet. When a young woman was found murdered in Kentish Town in London, he uncovered the identity of this woman and discovered her past. Was she Gemma Temple or Dillys March? There was so much confusion about it, when there was an interesting array of characters they ever met. At every step of the way, there were obstacles and half-truths on who the murderer was and why. Between Jury and Plant, they came together to put the pieces together from the past to now. And where was  another murder to derail them from the tracks, the surprises kept on coming, when there was an attempted murder of someone else. It was up to them to stop the murderer before they get away... What a complex mystery to enjoy.

This was an interesting Richard Jury mystery to read. I continue to care about Jury and Plant. I also cared a little bit about Gemma aka Dillys. It had also piqued my interest as well with the confusion and some deception. I continued to love the English location for the scenery in this series. This would make you think and scratch your head. Great drama, good action and intrigue, and plenty of mystery all around to the shocking twist in the end.

Don't get deceived yet! This week, please check out this book when you can!

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