Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Man Standing

In the last--7th-- installment in the Black Operation series, Cindy Gerard delivered in this romantic suspense. In Last Man Standing, we were introduced to Joe Green and Stephanie Tompkins. They've both been through hell and back in Sierra Leone. When Joe sent Steph away and broke her heart, he went on a dangerous mission in Africa, one that could get him killed. When she found out about his false imprisonment, she went out to rescue him on her own and met some unlikely trouble and friends there. Once they bailed him out and got him treated for medical treatment, someone was after him for blood. And their enemy's reasons were more than diabolical and later for Steph, real personal. Together, they know they were meant for each other back home. What a shocking ending.

This was a powerful and emotional romantic suspense novel. I loved the USA and Sierra Leone locations for this storyline as well. I did feel a lot of mixed emotions for Joe and Stephanie. It tore my heart to pieces, when he treated her that way. My heart felt the same way, too, when he was tortured in Africa. This made me sigh, cringe, cry and take a couple of big breaths. Tons of action-packed scenes, electrifying chemistry, and plenty of intrigue and danger along the way.

Come on! Pick up a copy today!

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